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Female Pharmacist



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Dr.T. Tihana Skaricic
Pharm.D., AFMCP, APH

Clinical Pharmacist

Certified Integrative Medicine Practitioner. Since 1992, when she obtained her Doctor of Pharmacy degree, Dr. T. has worked in diverse pharmacy environments – from retail pharmacies, HMOs and drug information centers, to inpatient clinics and disease management specialty operations. As a Pharmacy Manager for an international healthcare organization, she cooperated with some of the leading physicians specializing in HIV / AIDS care.


After intensive training in hepatology, Dr.T. developed educational presentations for Hepatitis C patients, published (DHS) articles and created protocols for following up with Hep.C/HIV co-infected patients. Based on her extensive post-graduate training programs and certificates (Women Health, Diabetes Care, Osteoporosis, Immunization) she was awarded with a prestigious NIPCO title of Pharmacist Care Diplomate.

  • Certification in integrative medicine by American Academy of Integrative Medicine

  • Certification in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy by American Academy of Integrative Medicine

  • Certification in nutrition by International Foundation for Nutrition and Health

  • Active member of A4M ( Americans Academy of anti-aging medicine )

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