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Microbiome Test

STOOL HOME KIT ($220.00)

The Standard Process Microbiom Test kit, powered by BIOHM is used to assess the gut microbiome’s diversity and provide guidance towards healthier gut lifestyle.

Microbiom test kit is a two-part assessment which is derived from:


  1. Gut microbiome analysis using Next Generation Genetic Sequencing of a stool sample to discover different bacteria and fungi that live in your gut.

  2. A Lifestyle Questionnaire

You will receive a comprehensive and personalized gut reporting with 


  • Microbiome diversity

  • Phyla balance

  • Presence of beneficial bacteria species

  • Presence of pathogenic bacteria species

With results and insights from the Gut Report including composition, balance and levels of bacteria and fungi inside the gut
we have valuable tools to personalize supplement choices, probiotics, prebiotics as well as diet and lifestyle modifications. 

BIOHM uses the 16S and ITS rRNA sequencing for microbiome analysis - the gold standard for bacterial and fungal sequencing.

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